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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Translation and Localisation.

Our Services

Multimedia Localisation 

We offer translation, transcription, dubbing and localisation of audio, video, texts and other modalities . The most crucial part of this process is ensuring that the culture of the region is embodied in the final product without compromising the quality of the content. Our translators and voice artists are native speakers, their inherent and diverse understanding of the language ensures quality material for our clients.


Here are some of the formats we work with; 

- Film / TV / Content dubbing

- Film / TV / Content scripts

- E-Learning content 

- Recorded speeches from conferences

- Narration work for films

- Video tapes, slides, audio tapes in different foreign languages. 

Translation of music Lyrics 

Translation of music is a specialised skill that requires specific audio visual knowledge. Our translation of music is accompanied by music direction a, service facilitated by our team of award winning composers. We offer a full musical experience by reproducing rhyme and rhythm to preserve the original melody.We also pay special attention to the phrasing element of this process. 

Translation of Documentation

The process of creating locale-specific versions of documentation for users in other countries is what we offer our clients through our expert translation services. There is no space for inaccuracy in translation for any business, as this will cost time and money. Error is unavoidable in cases where a translator has no knowledge of the field and this is why we offer Technical translation ; specified and customized according to industry standards. Our focus is on the following but not limited to these;

- Legal Documents

- Commercial Documents 

- Promotional Literature

- Technical documents 

- Scientific documents

- Books 

Website Localization Services

With website localisation, you can communicate with prospects and customers in their language, in an accurate and creative way.

Count on Decipher Translation Services for an excellent website localisation service. Native-speaking subject-matter experts will translate your site into over 200 languages so that it appears and sounds local. Considering the Internet is now the go-to source for news, information, e-commerce, and global communication, it is a wise decision to localise your website.

Provide your content in the language that resonates with your target audience. Let's develop a global and local persona together. Let's work together to make your local presence more successful.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

In a world that is increasingly globalizing, localization becomes a useful facility for businesses who want to leverage already existing content by transforming it to best suit other markets. We offer organizations the chance to do that without fear of compromising the quality of their brand. The software tools used in our processes enable us to ensure accuracy, productivity and overall effectiveness.


Technology continues to redefine language, translation and localization services. We are committed to evolving with these developments.

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