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About Decipher

Decipher is a multilingual translation and localisation agency that offers you the opportunity to share your content with other markets, by eliminating language and cultural barriers through the translation of text and the transformation of content through localisation.

We believe that businesses should be able to expand into the global market with no limitations or fear of compromising the quality of their brand , and that is why we offer our clients the convenience of leveraging already existing content by localising it to best suit their desired market.

Our Team of Experts

Working with the best team of ; language experts, sworn translators, native-speaking voice artists and well experienced engineers, we guarantee our clients the best quality product and uncontested service. 

Decipher is powered by Audio Militia a reputable award winning music and audio agency globally recognised . Some of our prestigious clients includeMTN,DSTV, Disney, NIKE, Google, Coca-Cola, Old mutual, Sasol, Lexus, Mercedes Benz ,BMW and Sony just to mention a few. 

Our processes are facilitated by a Post-production and localization specialist with over 6 years experience in translation, dubbing and localization.


Having worked with reputable international companies like Disney, Coca-cola,DSTV, and many others she has mastered the skill of managing and producing quality work suited for international audiences. 


Our team of experienced native-speaking translators guarantee professionalism and great quality content. Working with trained and certified translators, we offer our clients more than a translated document but a full service package including the following;

- Linguistic quality check

- Project management 

- Source validation 

- A network of experts

- Absolute content confidentiality

Experienced Leadership

Languages we offer 

Sub Saharan Africa 





-Francophone (French) 


-Northern Sotho 

-Southern Sotho 









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